Ended up with no excuse to skip class last night, so I actually decided to attend my crushingly dull “Structured Logic with Cobol” class.

Blaarrgghh…I felt myself begin to fall asleep over my computer on at least three distinctly seperate occasions…

Doing my editor gig right now, had a new page come up from someone submitting a “brand new play by email game based on something to do with White Wolf games.”

For fuck’s sake how many more do we need? And what is the obsession with Vampire the Masquerade that all the web junkies who play rpg’s have? White Wolf makes other very good games, why can’t they put that type of effort into one of them, and dare I say it, do something original?

OK, end of rant.

Cloudy and chilly in Northern Indiana, it’s the first time I’ve had to turn on the heat in the house for a number of months. I don’t know quite how long it will be before I sink back into my manic-depressive funk, but at least I’m doing something while I have the chance.

~ by maximkovalenko on October 8, 2002.

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