Morning in Indiana, and I’m coming down with a cold…lovely

Stayed up way to late last night, I’m currently involved in resurrecting my 1st/2nd edition AD&D campaign under the WOD rule system, and I stayed up to late updating the campaign website. Came up with some new pictures, maps, etc…and I have a large scale map to take care of quite soon. Been busting my ass on descriptions of everything, and doing a good job at baking my own brain in the process. The problem is that the game is set in a post apocalyptic world long after some type of cataclysm swept over much of the world. The big problem is a simple one. How do you describe technological artifacts so that people can’t just figure out what something is right off the bat? You really test your descriptive skills trying to describe a cloverleaf interchange in such a way that nobody picks up on it right off. 😉 Try describing blacktop to charcters with no point of reference some time, I dare you. I’ll either hit the site updates today, or succomb to a guilty pleasure and reread Hear’ts in Atlantis.

Great book, and a great look at the sixties as well.

The Patricia Kenneally Morrison Keltiad website (http://www.lizardqueen.com) is still down as of last I heard. I wish like hell somebody would consent to publish her Keltiad novels again. They’re very good sci-fi, and deserve to have some more exposure.:)

The cat (Misfit) is meowing in the background because Dad(Me) is busy doing something else, see has got to be the most impatient feline I have ever met. Love her dearly, but it’s hard to realize that you can’t teach a cat patience.

I’m also working on another site right now as well…I have a Dark Spiral White Wolf site dedicated to the Corax, and I want to add somemore stuff to it. It has slowly morphed from a simple breed site for the ravens to a listing of an alternate campaign setting as well. I have a complete timeline in my head for the entire setting, but only the most cursory scraps set down on paper. I’ve gotta get off my ass and get the stuff down on paper/web sometime. The last thing I want to do is turn my site into the equivalent of an every three year updated GeoShitties page that hasn’t been touched or modded since 1997. Unfortunately the real world keeps intruding.

Some thoughts on Iraq. Hussein is an asshole, Al-Qaeda are assholes. Not all assholes are Al-Qaeda. I think BUsh is probably doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. He’s using the threat of a war to attend to a personal vendetta, and as an international game of three card monte to coverup the fact that the economy and country are in shit shape. The worst part is the politicians are ignoring what the average citizen keeps hearing from the people around them.

All right boys and girls, lets hop on the war is good for business bandwagon.
Let’s paraphrase an old song here…
What is it good for?


~ by maximkovalenko on October 9, 2002.

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