Spent most of today out and about getting the brakes done on the car. $220 and change by the time it was all said and done. Why is it that the only thing that never increases in size is the buying power of your paycheck?

Read the newspaper today…saw the US is getting ready to fire up the war machine yet again…hasn’t anybody ever mentioned the difficulty of fighting a war on two fronts? It’s about as ill advised as starting an offensive against Russia during the winter time.

http://www.cheapflights.com/misc/space.html on the space front, approximate fair rates for private citizens to go into space, along with an estimated time table of when such services will be available. Personally I’m still dissapointed that Arthur C. Clark’s time table was wrong…2001-2002 was when shit was happening.

Got my humanities class tonight where we will be doing an analysis on part of Macchiavelli’s “The Prince” I know I have to take the course as a graduation requirement…but why the hell does it seem so boring? The Rennaissance to Modern Times(culture, literature and such) just seems like an excuse to justify a teachers salary.

As for my opinion of the class “Man, I do not care!!!!


~ by maximkovalenko on October 11, 2002.

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