I’m catching up with my journal from deep within the heart of the S*P irc channel…all of us are currently survivors of the great net split. At least that’s what the crew is calling it.

The war machine is currently gearing up…rumor on the news wire is that they have General
Tommy Franks to run Iraq when the war is won. Personally, I think that they are counting their chickens before the hen got laid. They are simply expecting Hussein to roll over and die…they seem to be forgetting that the bastard has nothing left to lose, he knows we are gonna try to kill him.

Plus what the hell will Israel do when shit pops off?

America speaking with one voice? Tell that to a president who didn’t even win the popular vote, and the 10,000 war protesters outside.

I’m glad I’m to old to draft

Got done with class earlier tonight…another wonderful installment of Cobol…if my life at that moment got any more boring tonight, I’d be dead. Maybe it is just the coming weather that has me gloomy, but I’m feeling kind of down tonight, I wish school was over and done with and the economy was actually in some kind of decent shape to go job hunting. I am sick unto death of part time


~ by maximkovalenko on October 15, 2002.

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