A friend of mine came through big for me this morning. I’ve been working on resurrecting my old rpg system for a while…my friend got bored at work and began to detail one of the most important magical materials our realm has. It was a nice suprise to find it in my inbox this morning, instead of scams from Nigeria.

(Sarcasm alert) I love Nigeria, scam capital of the world right now (or at least Africa)…Nigeria is not so much a government but a criminal cartel. Hell most of the government should be up for war crimes prosecution at the Haig for Biafra alone. Sigh

Just got done reading Andrew Vachss “Only Child” for the third time since Sunday. Can’t wait for his new one shot either. “The Getaway Man” is his first non-series fiction novel since Shella came out around 1993. I’m really looking forward to it, looks like Debt Incorporated (aka Barnes and Noble) will get even more of my money.

On the whole, even though it’s a grey, nasty looking day…for a change I’m feeling fairly cheerful.

~ by maximkovalenko on October 17, 2002.

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