I think I’m going to call this day “Attack of the Lazies”

I’ve got my humanities class, house cleaning, and various sundries to take care of today and as yet I haven’t touched a thing. Yeah, I’m a worker.

Currently staring out at a cold, grey, windy landscape…and cursing my fucking head off. Finally got ahold of a damn good telescope a number of months back and the weather has been absolutely shit since May. Either it’s cloudy in the daytime or gets cloudy/hazy at night. With how the weather has been, I currently have a $1200 doorstop. It is a pretty shade of red though;)

I’m hoping like hell the webcast bill gets passed through congress…if it doesn’t a whole hell of a lot of internet radio stations are going to go off the air, simply because of of record company greed.
They have already degraded radio from an artform to pasteurized dog shit, the idea that they will accomplish the same thing with web radio fills me with dread.

I really ought to get to work on things, but motivation and the mid-period college apathy has been taking it’s toll since March. Unfortunately, I have been having a difficult time caring about anything.

Ok enough bitching…I have decided to get off my ass on one thing though. I am finally starting to weed out the spam thas has begun to infest my email inbox. I have been getting most of them from some b.s. list called “Opt In America”. From what I have been able to find out about the motherfuckers, no one has been able to find them. So, yesterday I decided to just start reporting the companies they serve to their ISP’s for abuse of spam policy violations. I gotta get a good copy of NeoTrace if I wanna find the bastards though. Ping and Traceroute just don’t give enough info.

I did get a funny one yesterday from a free, religiously based, email service. Apparently as a part of their attempted brainwashing, they put a little link at the end of every e-mail that sends you to a link about Jesus. Kinda reminds me of the “Try Jesus” bulletin boards awhile back.

“Try Jesus, Supersized with fries and a Coke for $2.99!!!”

Oh and the email was for some scam ran out of Nigeria…go figure

Pathetic bastards


~ by maximkovalenko on October 17, 2002.

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