I didn’t sell my soul, I just leased it.

Now for the personal section…

Autumn rain always makes me feel introspective anyway, and Chris Isaak has an enhancing effect on it as well.

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about my future (job/employment wise) and have ultimately come to the conclusion that I really do not want to go into the field I am studying for.
As an adjunct…I realize that to go into a field that I do not enjoy simply to make money, no matter how good the money is, makes me a paycheck whore.

So far I have been fortunate enough to avoid this fate, however I have begun to realize that I am selling my personal integrity for food and shelter.

Goddamn it, there’s gotta be a way to get paid and not sell my soul. I just don’t think I’m smart enough to figure out what it is.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 6, 2002.

2 Responses to “I didn’t sell my soul, I just leased it.”

  1. I’m admittedly a paycheck whore. As long as the job doesn’t treat it’s customers and employees in an unethical matter, I’ll work just about anywhere. But I guess you are in a more awkward situation seeing as you are going to school so you can work in said field.

    Hope things work out.

  2. So do I…I’m pretty much decided to go to school to make money, to go to school and learn enough to do what I want to (Astronomy)

    Learn to pay, learn to pay…I think I am trapped in a vicious cycle 🙂

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