My favorite idea for the day…someone put together all the free click to donate to a charitable cause on one page…Anybody who is reading this…pass it around and click on it often!!!!!Many thanks to Xeo of Electronic Mayhem and XForums http://www.xforums.net/ for making that one public.

Okay…my wife managed to avoid jury duty, she called it saved by the plea bargain. The judge actually apologized to the prospective jury for wasting their time…and he did so in person, which I though was relatively cool. I also managed to completely clean out, reinstall and reset my PC in under 4 hours…Yay!!!

Tomorrow is my midterm in my humanities class. I am actually looking forward to it, I think I should do quite well (of course the e.c. I managed to get done about Machiaevelli and the Medici family will probably help as well:)

Overall I am feeling better and a little bit hopeful…so long as I don’t listen to the news.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 7, 2002.

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