Good day and Night.

Last night I finally managed to get clear skies for long enough to go outside with my telescope….Yes!!!!…Of course the bad part of this was the 20 mile cross wind blowing through my apartment complex, whipping across my roof, and down into my balcony. After a few hours, I was beginning to feel like I was trying to look out from a zero-gee ride at a county fair, either that or years of alcohol consumption finally did a flashback on me…

Vibration was the problem, I found out the hardway that unless I’m careful, my tripod vibrates just like a struck tuning fork. High wind only makes it worse.

It’s the little things that piss you off;)

Finally got to bed around 3:00AM, it was good to actually be able to breath the air around here for a change. The breeze while damn near sending me off to Oz, did have the side effect of getting rid of all the shit that was in the air. I’d love to move to someplace out in Arizona or New Mexico but cash issues (and the fact that you can still catch bubonic plague down there kinda turns me off on the idea.

Humanities test tonight, and I have to get a window replaced in my car. A few months ago someone busted into my car in a vain attempt to steal my stereo…they didn’t get my CD player, but they did bust out the glass. Hell, I’m still removing glass splinters from my interior…but if everything goes well I will have solid glass again sometime today!!!!!


~ by maximkovalenko on November 8, 2002.

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