Let’s try this again…

Once upon a time there was a live journal entry…once upon a time it was even a good live journal entry. Then in the Land of Nod, a curse and wave of ill will swept the land. And lo…in a town called South Bend, in the state of the damned my #$@%#&#*^!(*& computer locked up and all was lost and form and void upon the earth. Fucking Windows 98.

Yeah I know that sucked…but it probably hurt a lot less for me than punching through my computer screen.

I am at my window right now, looking out at a grey, dreary day. The first signs of a fantastically harsh midwestern winter is beginning to show in the breeze outside, and as I walked into the house I could begin to feel myself getting ready to hibernate. Incipient weight gain and sleepiness is on the horizon.

Tomorrow, the window on my car gets fixed…$260 down the fucking drain. The biggest pain will be leaving my car at 8AM and coming back to pick it up at 4PM (hopefully) So far, I have been fortunate enough to never have to ride the bus in my life…I guess I will have to take the plunge and do so. Let’s here it for a trip to the Star Wars Cantina!!!!

Currently my faithful companinon, my grey and black tabby, Misfit is supervising this LJ entry. Purring cats are good for the soul.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 11, 2002.

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