I went and saw the Chamber of Secrets today.

I sat through the entire movie and at the end the results of said labor left me feeling rather cold. I loved the first movie, they did a hell of a job with it. The result left me laughing like a fool in pure pleasure at the result. This one left me feeling rather cold.

Mechanically it was perfect, however it felt like it was being done by numbers. I never thought that the Potter universe could actually feel lifeless. Everyone did there jobs, but it felt like the movie could have been done a lot better. I never thought that I would be checking my watch through a Harry Potter pic. I guess I was wrong.

The most excitement I had during the movie was during the previews…I got the chance to see the trailer for Two Towers…and felt the rush and sense of excitement that I should have felt from COS.

I don’t begrudge the $9.50 we paid to get in…however I wouldn’t go see it again.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 24, 2002.

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