My last week

Right now I’m looking out at a grey holiday week from my window in “beautiful” South Bend, Indiana. Heh.

Right now, I’m okay. Project wise, I got rpg stuff to work, plus I am busy teaching myself how to really use Flash in order to possibly make a Something Positive screensaver. God, it can be a pain in the ass so far. Half the time I feel like my brain is going to explode…the other half makes me feel like it already has.

My cat, the inestimable Misfit is currently wondering why there is music coming from the computer…and I can’t seem to make her understand that it is perfectly normal and nothing at all to worry about.

I saw the Two Towers this last week and was very impressed. I’m sure some purists will scream at me for this but in all honesty, you have to look at the LOTR books as almost an outline. Peter Jackson and company are filling in a lot of the areas that Tolkien painted in broad brush strokes and people have to realize that. I wish the Tolkien Nazi’s would simply enjoy it for what it is. Sigh.

Anyway, I loved it. What really impressed me was the incidentals, little things like the shot of Legolas slidding in front and under his horse while it was running towards him and then just gliding on.

Overall, I don’t think Peter JAckson and company got paid enough.


~ by maximkovalenko on December 23, 2002.

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