There is nothing quite like the feel of an incipient nervous breakdown to delay your lj posting…

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the development of a new rpg campaign setting, struggling to survive my accounting class and getting ready for a possible move into a new apartment. It feels odd to be moving into a new place, I’ve been here for about 8 years now, and while I have lived in other spots before…this is the only one I have ever really considered home. It’s definitely an adjustment to make.

Most of my accounting worries turned out to be for nothing, last night I found out that I had 2 B’s and an A- on my class project. Still, I’ve been sweating this for the last year, and I desperately want out. The only thing I’ve learned from the class is that the more you learn about accounting, the easier it is to be unethical in your practices. All together that is not an encouraging thought.

Game development has been an incredibly frustrating and enlightening process. The basic setting was crafted over 15 years ago now, but has been on hiatus as far as playing it for nearly ten. With the advent of web rpg’s, first person perspective game, publishing companies like Post Mortem Games, and an increasing skill at computer work, the initial ground work is being layed for the set up of the rpg world

By the time it will be completed it will hopefully include…
1. the rpg itself
2. an online first person perspective multi user rpg that is a realistic 3d world, that is extremely difficult for online gamers to crack.
3. our own line of fiction and artwork
4. full scale conversions for every rpg system imaginable so that the setting can be used in with any system…
5. and a marketable home game.

All of this is going to take time, and the big problem is that the technology is not in place to accomplish what we wish to accomplish with the electronic aspects of this project. A truly realistic online setting is hellish to even comtemplate let alone even build…I mean walking down a windy street in the game, seeing pieces of scrap paper blowing past you, and being able to “hopefully” grab one and see what it says? I don’t think anything has the processing power and size to accurately pull that off, unless you get into the Internet 2 project.

So the rpg is coming first and it is moving along, the problem is just pulling out all the material that has been gathering rust in the back recesses of my brain. It is almost enough to make me think I’m going senile.

~ by maximkovalenko on March 6, 2003.

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