The Big Move (in two ways)

It’s official, we are moving from one side of our apartment complex to another at the tail end of April.

The good part is that I’m moving a whole block and a half, the bad part is dealing with 8 years of accumulated stuff including about 4 walls of books, three guitars and most important of all, a very territorial cat. My girl Misfit is afraid of that thing called sky, and she has been living and purring in the same place for damn near her whole life…

Interesting times were had by all…

One of my friends was called off of inactive duty in the Marine Corp to go on over to the Middle East just this last week…He had ten days to plan an entire wedding, get hitched, then get his ass over to the desert.

I support the poor bastards who are stuck going over there…but I have never supported war. If I thought that the US government actually gave a damn it would be one thing, but I do not believe in sacrificing lives to indulge a personal vendetta and cover up administration corruption.

As for despotic regimes that support terrorism…What about Saudi Arabia?

Yeah, I know I’m just sick and tired as a lot of people are about Hitler wannabe’s in the third world…but a lot of times, military force only aggravates the problem. If the US wants Hussein out of there so damn bad, why not give the people some help in doing so? Then we can have a situation like Romania where the people, not some outside force, but the people overthrew their dictator and lynched him. Then we can help the country go democratic, bury them in aid and free trade, and then have a wave of democracy?

After watching the news and such over the last few weeks, I have a recommendation to everyone reading this…

Go rent “Three Kings.”


~ by maximkovalenko on March 17, 2003.

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