To cute for my own damn good.

I did some work pairing down my fiction/rpg site in order to get it 100% W3C certified. In the process I shot my entire nav system.

After rebuilding my menus I realized that

1.It already works with damn near everything out there browser wise and
2. It looks damn near the same with everything browser wise.

Sometimes I think I need to have a trained monkey nehind me to clock me upside the head everytime that I decide to get cute for no good reason.

On a geek note, I am actually thinking about going to GENCON this year. It’s July 25 in Indianapolis, making it only an hour and a half trip…

My inner geek is tempted…

And I passed my damn accounting class…fuck yes.


~ by maximkovalenko on March 31, 2003.

2 Responses to “To cute for my own damn good.”

  1. Sweet! The thought of accounting makes my skin crawl, so kick ass dude!

  2. yep, I passed the damn thing…I never thought I would be glad to get a C.

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