Current News…

Frivolous News:
Saw The Matrix Sunday afternoon…I found it to be an interesting movie that requires careful consideration. I especially liked the look of Zion, and the surrounding environs. I will probably go see again to catch anything I may have missed. I liked it though, and I even was able to avoid the unwashed fanboy legions.

Serious News:
My paternal grandmother died last night at about 11:00pm local time. For a woman who was born 2 and a half months premature, and delivered by a midwife in the backwoods of Missouri, I think nearly 96 years of life is a hell of a long run.

She was a pro-choice advocate, the first woman manager of a local Kresgies (all the food service in a 6 story shopping tower) and YMCA concessions, and Special Olympics Volunteer for about 18 years. She event spent time in the fifties as a freedom rider. In short she was a remarkable woman.

Now if I could only get the thought out of my mind that the local hospital shortened the time she should have had….


~ by maximkovalenko on May 20, 2003.

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