“Peel the years back, see it all. Written on the subway wall”

The frivolous:
1) I have recently rediscovered an album that has turned into a guilty favorite of mine. Back in 1989, Dion (of Dion and the Belmonts/Runaround Sue fame) cut an album for Clive Davis(the inspiration for Santana’s comeback) called “Yo Frankie.” Chart wise it didn’t do all that much, a tune he did with Patty Smythe (And the Night Stood Still) did become a fairly minor hit.

The material on the album is good. However, two songs in particular are almost transcendent. “Written on the Subway Wall/Little Star”(w/Paul Simon guest vocals) and “King of the New York Streets” are among some of the best pieces of music I have heard in the pop genre in a hell of a long time. This album has faded into the mists, and I thought I would take a second to shine a spotlight on it.

“It’s Just a frozen yesterday
To make it more would take away
Remember the wonder of It all –
Written on the subway wall”

2.) I have found Jimmy Hoffa and DB Cooper. They are currently residing in the trunk of my bosses car.

3) In a venomous discourse I uttered today about Celine Dion, I found out that a large number of Canadians hate her as well. For public record, I will state that she is the most convincing argument I have ever been able to find for invading Canada.

The Serious:
Over the last few months I have been in an introspective mood. As my friends will admit, I get that way often, it’s just that lately I have been a bit more vocal about it.

1)The “Protect ALL Children” bill (House Bill 571), introduced by Illinois State Representative Joe Dunn (R-Naperville), changes a 1984 statute (Public Act 83-1067) that allows preferential treatment for child molesters when their victim is a member of their own family. Under the old law, perpetrators of criminal sexual assault would receive mandatory prison time of from 4 to 30 years, unless their victim was a relative. If the perpetrator victimized a child in his own family, he was eligible to receive probation and two years of counseling. Dunn’s bill eliminates probation for criminal sexual assault, regardless of the relationship between perpetrator and victim. House Bill 571 was sponsored in the Senate by Don Harmon (D-Oak Park). It will now be sent to Governor Rod Blagojevich to be signed into law.
http://www.protect.org/articles/illinois.shtml for more information.
Finally…but a lot of states still have the exemption. Go here: http://www.protect.org And find out what you can do to help.

2) My family life has never been what you call functional, and at the best of times it has been strained to say the least. Now, I find find myself in a situation where I have to associate with my father…for no other reason than a death bed promise. I hoped I would never find myself in such an obligation, and now I am stuck in one and I can’t get out of it.

3) Years ago I used to be one hell of a drinker/partier. and I used to hit it really hard back in the day. Dangerously hard. Alcohol was always my thing and it owned me for entirely to long. In all honesty, I was doing my very best to drink myself to death. I eventually came out the other side and got sober.

Today though, I had a stunning realization. Next Tuesday will mark 13 years without a drink. Just looking back on that fucked me up. It’s great, I’m glad to be alive to be honest, but I wish that the day would come when I didn’t have the urge to drink.

“Well. I was only 16 years old
So what could I have known?
In my mind these passing years
The legend sure has grown.”


~ by maximkovalenko on June 5, 2003.

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