Geek Alert (Browser Talk, PC stuff, and books)

I am currently typing this entry out on Mozilla Firebird in my PC maintenance class. My inner geek is very happy. Quick, fast, and very very nifty. I even like the plugins and themes. I know I am gonna have to do a clean strip down of my machine to be able to install Mozilla 1.4 but I think I will still be in business as far as web surfing goes.

Meanwhile my wife is still trying to absorb the fact that Netscape is gone. I told her that there will be some maintenance updates for N7, but as she said “it’s not the same”

The thing that me and my teacher both concur on is the fact that Netscape’s demise didn’t have to happen. Bad management and AO-Hell profiteering will be a good product every time.

It is my personal opinion that the people who conceived the idea of “Drive by Downloads” (software that auto loads on your pc) ought to be subjected to some form of torture involving the Backstreet Boys and Fire Ants.

The new Repairman Jack book “Gateways” is here!!!! F. Paul Wilson has came up with a very original series that I have gottenm thoroughly hooked on.

The revisions of books 1-4 of the SKings Dark Tower series are out, and book 5 comes out in November.

I know when I will be taking my vacation time šŸ˜‰


~ by maximkovalenko on July 17, 2003.

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