Some thoughts…

Excerpt from “Islam, My Islam”, an essay by Dave Sim:

My Thesis is that, once you get down to the base level of people who seriously believe that babies are soldiers and that blowing yourself up next to women and children is a legitimate form of warfare, you are no longer dealing with human beings, you are dealing with homicidal nutcases. Armed homicidal nutcases. Armed homicidal nutcases who constitute a minority within a minority within a minority. That is to say, a “handful” of armed homicidal nutcases. The only sensible reaction to a “handful” of armed homicidal nutcases is the one the Israeli forces have been using: targeted killings. “Early retirement,” coupled with surgical incursions into the homicidal nutcase breeding grounds, incarceration and interrogation to seperate the 1,450 terrorist participants from the 4,500 (relatively) harmless civilians. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I don’t think homicidal nutcases are able to breed that fast. When you are dealing with 10% of 10% of 10% of 10%, it’s basically a “grooming” operation: the way that apes comb through each other’s fur to get the lice and ticks out. Do they get all of the lice and ticks out? No. Do the lice and ticks come back? Certainly. Then what’s the point? The point is to keep the population of lice and ticks in your fur to a minimum..

Oh, I finally broke down and ordered a new computer. I within the next couple weeks a brand new HP zd7000 laptop will be arriving at my house.

I am currently doing the happy buyer dance around the house.

~ by maximkovalenko on October 4, 2003.

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