Randoms thoughts and observations.

An unexpectedly large sum showed up in the mail today. Some two and a half grand’s worth to be exact. Very glad to see it, and I gotta admit that we definitely can use it.

An observation: Is it my imagination but are 7-11’s the only thing in the country that seem to be totally unaffected by changes in culture? I mean, hell…every 7-11 you go into is absolutely the same, no matter what part of the country you are in…or what is around it. Other than the removal of the video games in the early 90’s, I can’t remember one ever being different.

If you really think about it, a 7-11 can be a fucking surreal place.

You know something? The Chicago Cubs never fail to disapoint you, or break your heart I am just glad that my grandfather (who died back in ’92 wasn’t around to see this. I think he might of did an Elvis Presley on the TV screen.

“And in the blessed name of Elvis, I just, let it blast” Bruce Springsteen

“A total of 194 U.S. soldiers have been killed by bombings, ambushes and other hostile incidents since President Bush declared an end to major combat operations May 1.”

When I saw that bastard set down on an aircraft carrier as a publicity stunt to let the US know that the war was over…I knew we were going to be in this one for a hell of a long time.

At the rate this thing is dragging on, and with the other hotspots that keep poppping up around the world, I wouldn’t in the least be suprised if the draft was reinstituted again. Regardless of what the poiliticians say, they are going to have to.

The US military is desperately short handed, and with the fact that US troops have foud out that they actually have to fight and die for testosterone politics…Does anyone honestly think that many of them are going to reenlist? They have finaly found out something that my Vietnam vet dad has mentioned time and time again.

“When you are in the military…you give them the license to extend you, move you and stick you anywhere. In short, you have just given them permission to fuck you whenever they feel like. Many of these kids who went into the army hoping for a quick way to college money are finding out that they actualy have to earn it by having people try to kill you. And now the families are finding out just how dirty it can be.”

God, I wish we were out of there right now…hell I wish we were out of a lot of places to teel you the truth. I keep looking at the state of things and seeing the advent of human misery on the scale of which would have given Charles Dickens nightmares.


~ by maximkovalenko on October 17, 2003.

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