“…Sometimes it frightens me, sometimes it would….Sometimes I’m all alone, and wish that I could.

Jazz, dinner and an evening with my wife make me a happy person. In addition I successfully found a Samsonite backpack to fit my new 17 inch widescreen laptop into, plus a good podium stand to keep it on and to help it stay cool.

My accessment of my HP zd7000 Pavillion is very simple. It is damn good. The display and performance are exemplary, and I will also say that it surpasses the G4 Powerbooks as my favorite laptop. The fact that it has a hell of a processor under the hood doesn’t hurt it either. It is just nice to finally have a modern machine to use for coursework and the like.

The fact that I am now pounding away at my quarter final project for school at 1:00AM does not make me happy..

But it has to be done though, and in that sense I can deal with it. There are a whole hell of a lot of thigs that I can’t…but this is one that I can tolerate.

The other thing that makes me very happy is that this upcoming Friday (aka the 24th of October will mark the tenth anniversary of me and the lady that I am very happy to call my wife getting together in the first place.

8 years of marriage and 10 years of successful togetherness make me very hapy indeed. And in the end help me put up with a lot of things in life that would have led me to climb a watertower with a sniper rifle by now.

Everything in the end balances.


~ by maximkovalenko on October 19, 2003.

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