I have succumbed to the digital age.

Over the last few months I have obtained a new laptop, a flash usb drive, a digital camera, and tonight I nabbed a cordless optical mouse.

In my own defense I would like to say that everything on this list was either a gift or much needed, including the cordless mouse which joined the menagerie due to feline safety concerns.

It throws me a little bit though…I have always shunned the state of the art, preferring older items and equipment. This was in large part because I believed that many of them were better made than what is currently available. In many cases this is true…especially considering my penchant for 1930’s and 1940’s era furniture and antiques (most of which is still better than anything you will see on the market today).

At any rate it is an adjustment…but then again most of my life is 😉

I finally stopped by the Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom and found…

Stomping Kitties!!!!!

Joel Veitch and his site is where you can find many wonderously skewed items like this…However the kittens are my personal favorites.


~ by maximkovalenko on December 22, 2003.

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