I’m still here

It’s been a busy last few days…

First of all, I just had the begining of a brand new semester of classes, and obtained my first piece of paying graphic design work.  I got retained to design the new logo for a new company that my boss is starting up.  It’s been a mad house of new classes, and slaving over my computer trying to get the logo perfect.

So now I quit.  In the last twenty four hours…I have designed 4 original logos as rough drafts, and created 6 more variations based off the one my boss was interested in with: his changes and some slight variations thereof added.

I hope like hell that it meets with their approval…I am getting sick of looking at it….

On other fronts…I have a few projects that I have been neglecting for a little while.  I am stalled out at 60% complete on a submission to the Kheperu Gallery http://www.livejournal.com/community/kheperu/  for those who might be interested.  It’s a damn good piece of work that I have brewing…but the problem is my terminal lack of time right now.  Sleep has to enter my life at some point….unfortunately those points also happen to be the only times I have had free to work on this…

Here’s a small taste of it so far…

All the best to everyone…Hell, you don’t need me to say anything more…you know which ones of you matter.


~ by maximkovalenko on January 15, 2004.

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