Current Events….

It was a good weekend for me…

I got to spend most of it either with my wife, or working on artwork.  Otherwise, I was dealing with the inestimable Misfit.  Even with dealing with snow, wind, a cranky cat, and an exploding beer nozzle at a local establishment we like to visit for dinner, things were good.

I’m very glad, to tell you the truth.  It is good to be in a position again where I feel the turmoil in my mind receeding.  One of the things that has been a great aid to me in this is the artwork I have been composing lately.  It is a great relief to be able to work without anyone being disruptive in the background.  I find that in a very real sense, it quiets my mind and helps insure that my blood pressure stays within reasonable levels.  I’m incredibly glad, for my own sake, that I have had the opportunity to begin creating things again.

On the technical side of things…I got a hold of a couple pieces of equipment that have been quite beneficial.  One is a brand new Logitech trackball, the other is 3d Studio Max.  The trackball has quickly turned into an essential piece of equipment for use with Bryce due to the zoom/camera/director functions for viewing Bryce wireframes in composition files.  No longer am I shooting my arm off the desk while trying to zoom in and out on a composition.

3d Studio Max has turned into my quick and easy answer to AutoCAD. While they are both capable of the same results, 3dS is so much easier to work with. Whenever I have to get into the guts of AutoCAD, I feel the beginnings of a migraine headache begin to brew.  Thankfully, getting 3ds up and running enabled me to actually finish a piece of artwork I have been plugging away at for the last two weeks.  

I will be posting a link to it in the next day or so…once I have had some time to do the final Photoshop touchups on it, of course.  I think that those people who are interested in such will be presently suprised.

Now my bed calls, and the regrettable neccessity of turning on my alarm clock.


~ by maximkovalenko on January 19, 2004.

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