I am in sinus hell.

I have been down with the worst cold/sinus situation I have ever had in my life since Wednesday of last week.  I am tired, cranky, sore, cold, and vaguely irritable.  My ears have poped so many times I feel like my skull is going to undergo explosive decompression.

Illness for some reason, makes me introspective a great deal of the time…however any benefit that I may get out of this is promptly counteracted by the massive amounts of cold medicine that I have been taking to stay functional.
It’s a strange thing being at my families house again.  The mighty Misfit is settling in pretty well, and I have enough of my stuff unpacked to get along with…but as things progress to the end of the old lease at the apartment I am no longer a resident of,I stil hav a sense of confusion about most things. (How’s that for a run on sentence!!!!)

The problem is that I feel this profound feeling of disconnection still, as if I don’t know my place in the world.  I find it hard to concentrate on things  I know it will pass once I finally manage some closure on this whole situation, but for right now it is incredibly frustrating.

At any rate I may write more later, or I may not.  The only thing for certain right now is that I have to run out and buy some tissues.


~ by maximkovalenko on January 25, 2004.

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