And things progress….

Final Exams are this week for me in my 7 week OS3 Microsoft Class, and once again I am feeling somewhat frazzled. Normally, I would have a week off before I started the 7 week session for OS4. This week off would normally be used for detoxing from MS propaganda and trying to get a handle on what’s going on with the next class.

This time I will be packing and moving…so if you don’t hear from me for a while, you know whats going on.

I’m glad to be doing the move…I’m very glad, but I gotta be honest; I can’t be alone in despising picking up everything you have and dropping it like a tornado stricken trailer park into some other location. I know things like this happen, but in a culture that prides itself on the latest and greatest things: Why in the hell can’t the latest and greatest thing be a trouble free, simplified, household relocation?

Ah well…I do believe that I am asking to much, especially since I am dealing with a culture that can’t even make a coffee maker that doesn’t sound like a Saturn V rocket launch.

A thought for the day taken from Rown Garnbii at

“So, hey, if you want to join a movement, go ahead. But keep an eye on them and watch for the assholes. Yes, there are other assholes than just the leader. The person who throws the first rock in a protest, while simultaneously shouting about police brutality. The idiots who throw red paint on you for wearing a fur coat then whine that the coffee shop is out of lowfat half-caff cappuccino. And whoever at PeTA had the fucking stupid idea to give out “UnHappy Meals” filled with pamphlets and toys of bloody cows to children. The hippies who scream about the right to abort a child, then yell at you for eating veal. This stuff doesn’t make sense yet it happens every day. Just watch for it.”

No truer words have ever been spoken.

In conclusion I would like to send two words to Ralph Nader

Fuck You.

Those of you who remember how Ralph Nader and his ego helped give the White House to a man who would turn the Grand Canyon into a toxic waste dump need no further elaboration.

Oh, just in case Ralph suddenly stepped in to this LJ and didn’t see my first comment…

Fuck You.

~ by maximkovalenko on February 22, 2004.

2 Responses to “Countdown”


  2. I agree with some of things that Nader has said over the years…but it is high time the narcissistic prick learned to take one for the home team here.

    The most important priority is getting the shrubbery out of the Oval Office.

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