Laundry, email, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  A sublime juxtaposition between the simple and the complex.

Originally tonight, my plans were different.  I had planned on barbecued prok chops, a baked potato, and maybe some rice on the side.  That changed on the way home tonight when I felt the first ratcheting of a headache begin to brew.  Within an hour, it had brewed up into a full bore migraine, leaving me sick, in pain, and about ready to just start whimpering..  I was bedridden until about about a half hour ago, when finally the pain went away. 

I’m a classic migraine sufferer…complete with nausea, auras, and all the other symptoms that make it so utterly wonderful to deal with.  After years of web surfing, the idea of looking up migraines online finlly filtered through my dazed consciousness and I did find so rather interesting info like:


What amuses me in a cynical way is that while these things occur all the time in people, scientists still are not entirely certain what causes them.  They have a whole list of incidentals that can get them going, plus aggravating factors…but still in the end they are not certain why they start in the first place.  Sigh.

So now it is PBJ sandwiches at the PC and pork chops cooking in the oven.  I’m skipping the rest of the acouterments in the meantime though, hopefully I will actually be able to accomplish some laundry, and a shower before I collapse again tonight.  And maybe, I will also learn to stop thinking so damn much 😉


~ by maximkovalenko on March 30, 2004.

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