Thoughts, uncertainties, and fear….

It’s been a tough week.

My job has been going crazy…I have been fighting it out with Poser 5 all week, and I have a commission for my first ever banner advertisement (for the company I work for) that will be posted on in the near future. It may end up in a whole lot of other places here quite soon. I plan on whipping up about 5 of them over this weekend (God Bless PSP7 and Animation Shop) and firing them off for company approval. Once that is done, and I’ll have possible revisons and the like to deal with…I can actually call myself a working graphic artist. Oh yeah…I may not be working very much, but the first big hurdle has been jumped. My work will actually be out in public.

Looking back on things, and the course my life is beginning to take…I never, ever expected to be in this position. It’s not a bad thing…Hell, right now I am about a 50/50 mix of ecstatic/scared. But it seems like a million miles away from who I was 15 years ago. I don’t know if my younger self would even believe it. It’s just strange.

In other news….Ghost Sites The Museum of E-Failure has fired up into megaupdate mod. For the some of the best observations that have ever been written on the Internet boom you need look no further than here.

Saw Troy today…and I liked it.

Wanna know what is really going on in Iraq? Go here:

The RPG Gateway is going through a number of changes and will soon be all new and improved. Check it out at and say Hi to all of us editors over there.

I am thinking about actually getting a domain name and setting up some proper webhosting. The thing is…with all the gallery work that I have been doing and future projects that are in my head I am going to be running out of room quickly. Graphics (especially high res stuff) eat space quickly. Right now they are my stock in trade.

Now it comes down to the point of just figuring out what I need and want. Prioritizing things, and getting things on a paying basis. I am not as much of an idealist as people think I am, I am not going to gripe about getting paid for what I want to do. Now to figure out how to do it.


~ by maximkovalenko on May 16, 2004.

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