Ad work, thunderstorms, and the next project.

4 more banner ads done for the ad campaign my company will soon be involved in.

Three of them variations on a pinwheel image transition….one of them a page turn effect. I am hoping that the page turn is the one they pick, I personally can’t stand pinwheel/clock wipe effects on animated gifts. Trust me…when I was working on this I really missed the ability to use Flash. Unfortunately, one of the project requirements was that the image required no plugins to be visible. That knocks out Flash based images totally. Which is unfortunate because animated gifs take up a ton of memory.

Oh well, thats what the customer wants and that is what they will get.

The next piece of artwork for Kheperu is in the roughing out process right now. It will be another landscape piece and will hopefully represent the first time that I have imported Poser files into Bryce 5 in more than just a “drop skeletons here and here” kind of thing. I like “Abandoned” and a part of me finds “Behind the Wheel” to be morbidly humorous. But I know that I haven’t even scratched the surface yet of what can be don here. I just wish Poser didn’t have so many damn bugs when it comes to using dynamic clothing on figures.

Oh, and I survived the Northern Indiana thunderstorm from hell, has just updated, and the caffeine from a night out with my wife is finally wearing off.

Good night all…


~ by maximkovalenko on May 21, 2004.

One Response to “Ad work, thunderstorms, and the next project.”

  1. NEW FOAMY! Must go see……..

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