Three day weekend….
Time alone with my wife and cat….
A hopefuly completed piece of art this weekend…
Movies tomorrow…

Thank god for a three day weekend. I am in desperate need of the time to recharge and contemplate.
On a brighter note…my first piece of professional graphic design work is now up on the web for the masses to check out…
It is an advertisement for 3B Tech computers on the lower section of the page.

Now time for the fun stuff…
If you wanna see the coolest thing in the world at 64K go here
and download this

This is programming and artistry in action…all of this is done through a scripted/coded file that is approximately 64K long. Nothing is pulled off the web, or downloaded other than the instructional code that tells your computers processor and sound system what to show and play. A coworker of mine showed this to me a few weeks ago now and I am still trying to absorb it.


~ by maximkovalenko on May 29, 2004.

5 Responses to “Meditations….”

  1. Hi.

    I am a member of Kheparu, I think I can post on the journal but am not sure. So before I do and create another faux pas (just in case I don’t have permission to post), I am writing you to validate this.

    I love Bryce and have 5.0 but I don’t have text to go with the disk. More to the point, I also don’t have Poser.

    In learning what I could about the software, without actually purchasing it, I found out that Sierra Games uses it exclusively in the initial stages for the artwork and only finishes with Photoshop when all is completed.

    Futher I found out that their game icon maker “FaceMaker” is created along similar lines to Poser.

    I did a websearch and after 2 days found some Sierra game demos with FaceMaker included.

    I downloaded two. I discarded one because it was not what I wanted. I found the other one did (have what I wanted).

    With face maker I found that I can create individual faces, snapshot them and inport them into any photo manipulation software I want to use. I prefer to use Photo Impact. With Photo Inpact, I take the images through post production processing.

    The following are some of the icons, I made using this method.

    As you can see, I can only do head shots. I am wondering if I can post these onto the website. I would fully explain how I came about to create these icons and create
    facemaker by sierra for furnishing the head templates that helped me create these.
    Frankly, its the only way I know to get around not having poser software.

    Would you let me know if I can.


  2. I certainly don’t see why you couldn’t post them…I’m pretty sure you have posting access to the gallery, if not we wil have to wait for Meteru to come back and verify and get that fixed. I know he’s doing the moving thing right now so that could be a little bit though.

    I like them BTW….

  3. Thank you.
    I appreciate it.

    I was not sure how it would turn out as facemaker never was created to create images of faces as artwork. However necessity is the mother of invention…so I created something new for this software to do.


  4. Heck…I know all about that šŸ™‚

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