I spent sometime tonight updating my personal webspace and resume this evening.  Judging by the situation at work…and various other situations that have developed in the last week…I have judged it to be a reasonable precaution to take.  Paranoia can be very handy under the right circumstances….and right now the situation is to shaky/flaky for me to be sanguine about the situation.

I know that I have tried my best to do my job…I’m just worried about my coworkers and the prospect of getting scapegoated for the various things that they have done that I have had no control over.  Things will go as they will I suppose…I just wish I knew for sure what the next few weeks will bring.

On a more hopeful note I am still mulling over the possibility of there being an online graphic novel in my future…i think that project is going to be released, at least the first part of it will be released quite soon. 


~ by maximkovalenko on June 2, 2004.

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