Random stuph

Mucho artwork done…aka the scenes for the second and possibly third comic in the Requiem series I am working on.  The more I get into this I have come to realize that this will be easily the most ambitious project that I have ever done,  and for a second I started to freak.  I’m thirty years old and I actually started to freak.  Thank god for the sedative effects of a cigarette and a purring feline…and thank god my head doesn’t hurt anymore.

I had a bit of an accident involving a door frame and my head earliere this week and most likely gave myself a slight concussion.  I was nauseous, wobbly and had slightly off vision for a few days.  Overall, I lucked out…I didn’t require hospitalization of any sort, I managed to stay conscious and very functional for the transit, and I didn’t piss anybody off or fuck anything up.  Things came out ahead.

I saw Chronicles of Riddick today…I loved it, but it is a bit overwhelming.  It is extremely intense, and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

At any rate it is time for bed…and more work on hings tomorrow….I hope to get a couple of weeks ahead on Requiem so that when Keenspace finally gives me my password info I should be able to just start everything up and get moving.  The bad part about the deal is how much work it takes to get things setup just to do each issue.  I hope to streamline this process a bit over the next few weeks, but I am not hopeful about it.  I know just how much detail is going into this…and I don’t think I can skimp on this without the quality of the art suffering.  Other people may not know…but I’d know if I let that happen.  The one thing I have learned about myself since I got into this is that the most demanding task master of them all is me.  But then again, my wife has assured me that it is always that way.

Good night all….


~ by maximkovalenko on June 13, 2004.

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