Well…here goes nothing.

I have jumped in with both feet and got my webside graphic novel up and running.  This is still an experiment and I may decide that I hate the bloody thing.  At any rate my entirely Bryce/Poser webcomic is located at

and is entitled Requiem.

The plan once I get the hang of things and figure out where I’m going with backgrounds  and such is to try for a twice a week update…sometimes it will be more…others less of course.  The main slowdown is going to be computer design/render time.  The more complex the image is…the longer it will take (of course thats a given, but I am talking about render time, not drawing time.)

At any rate, I just submitted the first update since Keenspace sent me my info…so hopefully it will be up by the time I will be getting up in the morning,.  Expect the link pages and such for the site to show up once I get the hang of dealing with the Keenspace tags.

Anyway…goodnight all.


~ by maximkovalenko on June 18, 2004.

2 Responses to “237”

  1. Ok, font colors. Change them to something readable.
    When I say readable…I don’t mean blue with blue sky panels. Or using that green color.

    Otherwise, it seems interesting.

  2. Thank you for the confirmation on the font color…I’m color blind so sometimes figuring that kind of thing out can be a royal headache. (my ever patient color checker was asleep at the time).

    That problem will hopefully be taken care of next update. *fingers crossed*

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