Nothing to See Here…Move Along


  • One of my favorite invisible computer tools “Motherboard Monitor” has halted development. has the full story on this one.  Fortunately, thrid parties are still compiling data and plugins for this little number so it won’t cease being useful for a long time…if ever.  If you want temperature monitoring for you desktop or laptop nab this little gem.  I use it myself on my #1 deck.
  • According to recent news reports…it looks like XP SP2 is going to start showing up in it’s fianl form in about two weeks.  Fixing some security holes is all well and good…but this does mean that some time here soon I may have to upgrade Longhorn from the vaporware list…….NAH.
  • DAZ productions came out with it’s first free piece of content geared directly towards the recently acquired Bryce 5.  In my eyes this definitely answers on question.  Yes, they are serious about it.  I think that Bryce may have finally come to a good home.  I just hope they don’t fuck it up trying to make it better.

I’ve been a bit to quiet as of late.  There have been a few things going on…coolest of all is that I got called by a place I sent my resume to.  The position would be for a software support/trainer type.  It would be very nice to have, and enable me to get out of the terminal clusterfuck that I am currently calling a place of employment.

Over the last few days I have been trying to stay as stress free as possible.  In a lot of ways I have been pretty fortunate…(in all fairness) work has settled down a great deal, I managed to work ahead and get Requiem caught up for the last week which actually gave me some relaxation time on that front.

The main thing that I am sweating over right now is the job that called me.  Unfortunately…I wasn’t home to get the message until after business hours on Friday.  So I get an entire weekend to fret.  I know that it will do know good in the long run, but I am helpless to prevent myself from doing so.  Of course…if I somehow managed to get it…the salary would be more than double what I am making now.

Yeah it could be sweet….


~ by maximkovalenko on July 11, 2004.

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