Boring rainy day….I’ve spent most of it being a homebody and working on comic updates.  I nearly had a coronary with it today and realised that I had messed up the storyline a bit…

It was solved by putting in a bridge comic between sections, and an artistic idea that lucked out and actually worked.  Hopefuly I will plan things out better in the future.  As for updates, things will continue to be updated on the regular every other day schedule….however there may also be updates on off days as well.  All of it depends on how the creative juices flow and of course long it takes my computer to render stuff out.

One thign I am planning to do here is enlarge the scale of things a bit….more aerials shots…more things going on in the background…make things a bit more cinematic.

On the artisic/comic front I have become recently enthraled by a comic called “Fallen Angels Used Books”  is where it is located at.  The art is exceptional and the story is intriguing as well.

On the job front, I have an interview for a position this Monday morning.  *keeps fingers crossed*  I want it really bad.  Goddamn I want the position.


~ by maximkovalenko on July 31, 2004.

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