Not what I wanted to hear today….

Went to the eye doctor today after well over a decade of avoidance.  On the good side my eyes have barely changed at all….My prescription is only going to be barely adjusted…the doctor was a little bit shocked at how stable my eyes were.  On the other hand I have been diagnosed with something called Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome.  I had all the classic symptoms of it.  This is caused by the pigment in the iris being rubbed off of the interior of the eye.  It can cause pigment to build up in various spots in the eye, and if things get clogged up in the channels in the eye I could end up with glaucoma from it.  One of the other things it can cause is photophobia (aka light sensitivity)

In addition, the glaucoma test showed high pressures, the doctor wasn’t sure if it was artificially high or what.  So in a couple of weeks I have to go into another eye doctor and find out what is going on. 

Well at least I can get new glasses again….


~ by maximkovalenko on September 30, 2004.

One Response to “Not what I wanted to hear today….”

  1. Ouch that sucks.

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