News and thoughts…

11/10/04 11:49AM
The actual guts of my training course has begun…and things are still a disorganized mess in many ways.

The high point of things so far has to have been dinner last night. Jamesons Char House has incredible food. The New York Strip was exquisite…as was the cheesecake.

So far though, I feel as if I am swimming through molasses. We haven’t gotten much accomplished so far. While our instructor has covered some problems for the locals…we haven’t accomplished much.

The last couple of days have been a waste of time for us…so bad that I have just started scribbling down random thoughts to keep awake. So bare with me…things may get weird.
Firefox 1 has just been released…I did my upgrade last night and it went very smoothly. So far there isn’t much of a reason to still use IE other than ignorance. It sure as hell cannot be for the looks of the damn thing 😉
I have been using Bryce 5 for a number of years now…and I have finally really sat down to read the manual. The worst thing about this fact is that I am using the damn program to do a web comic right now, and I am just now digging through the manual. I am pathetic at times 🙂
Why does everybody assume that everybody else watches television? I have never understood this….I avoid the box as much as possible, and I have never understood it’s attraction. Who knows, it maybe because people have gotten so used to living second hand they assume everyone else does also.
I have had a number of meals since I have been in the Chicago area and my meals have been messed up most of the time.
At any rate software problems suck….


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