The song lyric running through my head right now…

Two Excerpts:
“A friend of mine was this Japanese. He had a girlfriend in Paris. He tried to date her in six months and eventually she said yes. You know he took her to his apartment, cut off her head. Put the rest of her body in the refrigerator, ate her piece by piece. Put her in the refrigerator, put her in the freezer. And when he ate her and took her bones to the Bois de Boulogne, by chance a taxi driver noticed him burying the bones. You don’t believe me? Truth is stranger than fiction.
We drive through there every day.”


“Did you ever see ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’? Horrible, wasn’t it? You know people ask me: it is really true where you live in Texas, it is really true what they do around there, people? I say, “yeah everytime I drive through the crossroads I get scared there’s a bloke running around with a fucking chain saw. Oh oh no, gonna, oh no. Don’t saw off me leg, don’t saw off me arm.” When I get to the movies, you know I’d like to see something more romantic, you know. Like ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ or something. Something you can take the wife to, you know what I mean?”

This song definitely makes my work day a surreal experience.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 29, 2004.

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