News and Views

Three comics done plus 2 more pages of “Pryce” are up for your perusal.
And ?  You have got your style fix for “Pryce”.  I guarantee you that the current style for Pryce is not gonna change.  I find it to be an addictive little story, and I am finding the art style to be kinda appealing.  It definitely fits what I am trying to do with it?

Is “Pryce” pulp?  Damn straight, let the trees fall where they may!!!! 

I may be slightly incommunicado sometime here in the next few days…I have a brand new hard drive on the way for my rig that should boost my productivity considerably.

100gb, 5400rpm, 8meg buffer Seagate…It is gonna be so sweet.


~ by maximkovalenko on March 3, 2005.

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  1. Cheers!

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