Romero’s extra
Governor Bush, the president’s brother, said at a press conference yesterday that the new diagnosis of Schiavo by neurologist William Polk Cheshire Jr. suggests she is in “a state of minimal consciousness.”

Minimal Consciousness, huh?  So that’s what they call it…that explains why workers at her current residence reported hearing the phrase: “BRAAAAAIIINNNSSSS!!!!! BRAAAIIINNNSSSS!!!!” coming from her hospital room.

Oh course, a whole lot of people who voted for these political whores were doubtlessly in a state of “minimal consciousness” as well.  And of course the real motivations for the measures that have been currently railroaded through the system are simply designed to keep us from removing their life support.

Ah well, things get so much clearer when I’m running the laser wire edge of a fucking migraine.


~ by maximkovalenko on March 24, 2005.

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