A note to self….

Start going through your old archives and cleaning things up a bit…start getting things ready for a print edition. Start looking at the feasibility of doing so.

Unify some character looks..rerender what sucks…keep what doesn’t.

Remember that all of it is gonna look like it sucks now….you have all the source files around still to make sure it doesn’t suck this time.

Besides, you have a better setup now than when you started this mad escapade. Bloody well use it.

At any rate the idea is to try for one reformatted page/rerendered section a night.


~ by maximkovalenko on September 15, 2005.

2 Responses to “A note to self….”

  1. Holy crap. Thats gonna take time. I have rendered things in Bryce and it can take forever sometimes..:P

    What route are you going for your print edtion? I have also been looking into that but I need to bring my fan base up more if I am even gonna try..:)


  2. It’s may very well go faster…I have done some substantial upgrading to the equipment I’m using (An HPzd7000 Pavilion Laptop that is running a 3.06P4, a gig of ram and a jazzed up hard drive nowadays) I was doing the first of the series with half the RAm and a 4200rpm drive in the guts of my baby. I definitely noticed the difference when I stepped up.:)

    I’m still trying to figure out what route I’m gonna go…but at very least I know that there is substantial work I need to do the images first before I even do anything.

    Web resolution is 72dpi….for prinitng it needs to be approximately 600dpi for Black and White and 300 dpi for color. For color work it needs to be saved in a CMYK format as well. All of that is going to neccessitate manual resizing and tweaking of the whole archive..(cause as you doubtlessly have noticed I have a tendency to change/shift sizes more than a bit.)

    As for fan base…things have started really cranking in the last two weeks or so. It’s been definitely noticeable. If things keep going like this (and I have a feeling they may) it might actually be a viable idea to do a print setup.

    A place you need to go to is the new site that Warren Elis (Transmetropolitan) has put together http://the-engine.net/forum/ has lot of resources on the subject, plus a lot of stuff from people who are in the print field or are looking to break into print from the web.

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