This is only a test….

Well I finally broke down and tried out DAZ Studio version 1.0 for graphics work tonight.

You see, when DAZ setup Bryce 5.5 they designed the DAZ studio program to be able to allow you to import your Poser figures directly into your Bryce scenes.  The idea is that you set up a linkage between the Daz file and the Bryce file, and when you move the Poser object within DAZ it shows correctly, and with the correct textures and such in Bryce when it all renders out.

Well friends and neighbors…..they fucking nailed it.

After seeing the absolutely spawned in hell debacles that were the previous versions of DAZ Studio, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.  Now with the newest update to Bryce (5.5C) and Daz 1.0, I can finally see what they were driving at.

It works…It bloody well works…..

It’s going to take some adjustments to my work flow to get this stuff into the production process of course….and it won’t replace everything I do by a long shot….but for certain things?  It may very well end up being a god send.

Right now, I am testing it out on the hardest figure I have to deal with (Julia Wells.)  She’s a great character, but with the amount of parameters that have to be used  to get her to look right, clothing can be a real issue.  But from what I am seeing from the preliminary results…I wish I would have had this setup like this a lot earlier.  There would have been a lot of pieces in the comic (Mainly the up the river section that was done earlier), that would have been done a whole hell of a lot differently.

I am in process of trying this out with Ian and Julia for an upcoming scene in the comic.  Results will be posted later.

Now there are things that I can’t do in this of course.  I haven’t figured out how to cloth the figures within DAZ Studio yet….but I think it may be possible.  Even if it isn’t I can still bring everything over from a basic setup in Poser 6 and do my posing and rendering here.

Ultimately for a color blind person such as myself it means one simple, beautiful thing.  No more games of russian roulette as I try to match colrs and lighting between two different rendering engines from two different programs.

A whole new world has opened up for me when it comes to landscapes and such and yes people…I am fucking stoked!!!!

The preview of this is up at……

And you will be seeing this in the comic rather soon I think….Oh yes…soon


~ by maximkovalenko on October 7, 2005.

7 Responses to “This is only a test….”

  1. I was astounded with how well DS v1 works. In fact, since it generally runs faster and easier on my system, I’ve actually been doing most of my non-Bryce renders in that. Shadowing is more consistent, the OpenGL works better, and even without the P5 shaders (which I don’t need *that* much), frankly you can’t beat it for the price. Clever, though, of DAZ to make all the little plugins cost. Still, for what you and I do, the base program and a couple of the freebie plugins (and let me know if you want/need the deformers and IK chain plugins) and you’re good.

  2. It won’t replace Poser 6 for me totally…but when it comes to matching up anything Poser vs. a Bryce landscape this is the way to go. Some type of shader would be nice in it….but it doesn’t seem to be that neccessary especially when you can just import the PZ3 straight or play with the color in the Bryce Material Lab.

    My other question….Can you apply a Poser pose file to a figure while it is in DAZ Studio? I mean like one of the P5 male standing or sitting poses (not a MAT)?

  3. Yes. Besides the lack of a complex material room, DS functions almost exactly like Poser. I’ve been able to actually bring up just about all my Poser runtime directly into DS without importing from a PZ3. MAT poses, standard poses, INJ/REM’s all seem to work directly from the Poser content directory.

  4. Glad you’re liking it. I must be eight shades of idiot, as I can’t even keep hair or clothing on the correct places when I go to pose the figures. Either that, or it’s just the learning curve on using it.

    But, considering that Poser is rather expensive, and I’m looking at it for a possible project, seems silly to spend money I don’t have just to look at possibilities.

  5. Within DAZ Studion there is a button in there to automatically conform figures and such. When I get back to my house after work, I’ll take a screeenshot and show you where it is at.

    For Poser, there is an item in one of the drop downs that is a conform figure (Conform a clothing figure to a human figure) button. For hair it wither works the same as the clothing/human set up. Or in the item properties there is a button to control what the hair is associated with. Once that is set and aligned it pretty much handles itself.

    I like Poser a heck of a lot….but one thing I got to say about it is that you do not want to run it on a weak system. The sytem requirements on it should be set a lot higher than they are listed. With this one, you can never have enough RAM.

  6. Ahhh. That explains why I wind up with hair floating in midair instead of on the head.

    But, right now just playing around with it some, as I am looking at it for converting the story of Shattered Death into a visual medium, or one of the other ideas I have kicking around in my head.

  7. It’s a great tool…It’s amazing to me to see what these DAZ and Poser can do,Something you might find interesting…

    An interview with a gentleman named Larry Weinberg, who came up with Poser in the first place.

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