Graphic/Art thoughts….

(If you have no interest in digital artwork…please feel free to skip this post.

Got asked about doing an article/review of the DAZ Studio/Bryce 5.5 combo today.

Thinking about it…seriously thinking about it.

I’m thinking that I may use it as a shot across the bow to the folks over at Poser….especially as a way to kick the heck out of them and the rendering engine.  (Which needs to be improved/speeded up or just flat out chucked out the Window.)

The main rendering engine for Poser 5 and 6 is called “Firefly”  (And it has no similarity in any way, shape, or form to that fucking Joss Whedon movie I am imminently sick of hearing about.)   DAZ is using a setup licensed from 3Delight.  

3Delight flat out cooks in speed….does raytracing and such pretty dang quick.

Oh, , a while back I ran across a rendering setup that did a test run of V3, fully loaded with morphs in under a minute….well under a minute.  I remeber mentioning it to you at the time, and I remember that it had an egyptian name to it.   I can’t find it now….do you remember what it was called?


~ by maximkovalenko on October 24, 2005.

One Response to “Graphic/Art thoughts….”

  1. Damn, I can’t remember off hand, but I know what you’re talking about.

    As for the 3Delight renderer, GODS YES. That’s the primary reason why I switched Faith completely to DAZStudio and why I do the majority of DGN and H2H in it as well. The shadow mapping works better (and faster), and frankly I think it looks more realistic. Light setups are kind of a pain, but at least you can visually aim them (like you would a camera….nice feature). And don’t try to port anything over with magnets or dynamic hair (but you know that). Other than that, it’s well worth the price (another major plus).

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