Comic news and such…

Archive page has been updated…There’s a new issue of Tunnelrunners that has finally made it over to us….and there are a couple of new comics in the link page for your perusal.

What else is going on? Well, tomorrow an old character returns who was first mentioned back in the earliest days of the comic (A professor who has a fascination with Atomic Clocks) and his companion/friend (who may be familiar to people who have role played in this world.

Other news?
Julian Ravage’s Cyber Dark Infection is going strong and definitely needs to be checked out,  The glorious twistedness of Flem and the mighty, mighty Jay has returned….

Also Agnes Quill, Girl from B.O.L.T., and Wish In One Hand, are also very intriguing as well.

Oh and if you are into the Anime/Manga side of things get over and check out Dragon Girl Noriko, probably the most self aware members of the genre I have seen.

Oh and finally, to those of you out there who are also fans of Metanoia…The good Jesse has posted a short story up called Everyone’s A Junkie.  I just got done reading it a little while ago and the the thing floored me.  Damn good work, Jesse…Damn Good.


~ by maximkovalenko on October 28, 2005.

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