Wiccans can kiss my ass…

The more and more I do research web side on Gaelic customs, the more and more I detest wicans for clogging up the search engines with their masturbatory web sites.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 26, 2005.

5 Responses to “Wiccans can kiss my ass…”

  1. As a former wiccan converted to the Kemetic, I can safely say without reservation that there are Wiccans and there are Wiccans.

    Generally, its the newly converted that parade their faith for show.
    Not all are like that.

    But, my, you made my day with that comment.

    Remember however, All branches of Wicca are but one sect of Witches.
    There is a saying which goes:
    All Wiccans are Witches BUT not all Witches are Wiccan.

    Some pre-Gardnerian Witches would have a royal if if they were called Wiccans.

    This is especially true of Family Trads.

    They are with you in their feelings towards Wiccans in general.

  2. I know quite a bit about the different branches and such (despite being an atheist 😉 )

    The thing that absolutely scalds me is that I was trying to do some research on gaelic holiday phrases for a webcomic project a fellow artist is invoved in. The premise is that we make a christmas tree and that each ornament is a different piece of art from a different comic. Since my comic is going off a gael/milesian cultural base, I wanted to use a gaelic phrase on the ornament.

    Instead of finding what I was looking for, I ended up getting caught in the middle of a whole bunch of copy and paste based websites put together by every wannabe wiccan group in the world who simply regurgitated their content in mass to fudge the google page rankings and get top listing on the search engines.

    I was up till 5:30AM dealing with this idiocy.

    I finally went to bed with a quote of Kevin Spacey (from American Beauty) rolling through my head.
    “If I wanted to save myself now, I would have to start carpet bombing.”

    I finally found what I was looking for just now, but it is incredibly irritating.

  3. Well did you google ancient Gaelic sayings?

    How about ancient Welch sayings. (Modern Welch is based on the Gaelic)

    These are two ideas I am throwing at you.


  4. I surely did…I googled about 25 different variations of gaelic, irish, welsh, manx, christmas, yule, ancient holiday sayings, Alban Arthuan plus innumerable other things as well in connection to the main subject at hand.

    I found what I was looking for eventually…but I gotta tell you the truth….there is a lot of trash in google these days that needs to be cleaned out. Too many people have become to good at manipulating page rank and such thus allowing pages that are simply cut and paste bullshit to take the place of informative results.

  5. I use copernic research pro. It’s worth the price it costs and has literally a lifetime upgrade…without additional costs.

    I am glad you found what you were looking for.

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