It may have been out for a while….

…But when ever I need a good reference on how good a digital landscape can look, I just reinstall Half Life 2.  It never fails to disappoint.

At any rate though, I’m slowing down comics a touch over the next couple of days until the 2 gigs of RAM I ordrered come in.  Things will get done on a daily basis for a little bit. 

At any rate, tonight is relaxation night, while I wait for the patches and updates for HL2 to download and do their updating magic on my computer.  I do find it interesting that HL2 The LOst Coast is finally available.  I also find it amazing that my computer can only barely run it.  And my graphics card is below the minimal requirements (Not HDR capable)

20 years ago, I never thought I would see the day when a gig of RAM, a 3 ghz processor and 128 meg graphic card were barely enough to play a video game.

Also…I find this kind of amusing in a black hearted way  (not the incident, but the music used)

~ by maximkovalenko on December 19, 2005.

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