To quote Something Positive….

Double Monkey Fuck Damn!!!!

1. The $600,000 machine we are dealing with right now was not properly tested by the service techs who installed it. Now we have a terminally fucked up machine in need of desperate repair work.

2. Had to change hotels today because the one we were staying in was an utter dump.

And to top it all off…

3. Today, I lost my PDA. It is not anywhere that I can locate it at. Unfortunately, when I am on the road it is my pocket brain. It is definitely a neccessity.

It is gone without a trace. As near as I can figure it, it accidentally came off my belt at breakfast this morning…the place where as near as I can figure it fell off has seen nothing of it. Ultimately, it’s a loss.

So…how is everyone else doing today?


~ by maximkovalenko on January 10, 2006.

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