State of Affairs…

Dell Axim X51 PDA’s are pretty damn good little units.

Thats what I ended up with as the replacement for my little X30, and I got to say that I am pleased.  It’s night and day compared to what I was running previously.  I still begrudge the circumstances in the first place though 😉

Software reinstall, emulators up and running (weird as hell running an Atari 800XL setup on a 2006 Dell 😉 )  Everything is good to go.

Tampa looks like a return in probably about 2 weeks or so.  Got a training course to do locally here first…then gotta watch over the office….should be back down south though.  With situation as it stands, it kinda has to happen.

Thinking about making a DAZ supply run here soon…thinking especially about a set called the “House of Mog Ruith”  Beautiful texture work…definitely something I can learn from.

Also thinking about actually desiging Caladharas Keep out of the comic.  I have an aerial shot of the main city in part…but it never felt quite right to me.  Now, I think I might finally be good enough to actually do it.  It’s gonna mostly be primitive work, and terrain editor coverage on this.  I think I can hand draw a good chunk of the mountain layout and then paste it straight into Bryce and have it map out as a wire mesh.

*keeps fingers crossed*


~ by maximkovalenko on January 20, 2006.

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