A random thought….

…going through live journal entries of old friends of mine and I decided that there needs to be a new term for many of the people who have bounced on ad off my friends list at various times.

I’m thinking of the term “Memewhore”

Though that might get changed to “Quizwhore”

The specific definition is “one whose blog/live journal is composed of better than 90% quizes and memes…



~ by maximkovalenko on February 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “A random thought….”

  1. Ok..here is a fact…a sad one but a fact.

    Many people hide huge chunks of their lives because they know if they don’t a lot of folks on their f-list will vanish.

    Sometimes people cannot cope with harsh realities of life. and run away when they have to view them. They think if they read about a situation, they have to fix it when in fact they don’t. All the person is asking is support…emotional support. But the people who are often blind to this are often the ones who cannot cope with the ugly and dark aspects of life so they run.

    People being who they are would rather post quizes and keep their friends rather than post about real life realities and risk loosing folks on their f-list.

    Others are quiz addicts much as some are addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarrettes.

    I think more people fall into the first category than the second.

    Hope that helps.

  2. It does…though I have to admit, that I think a lot of people are flat out addicted to quizes and memes.

    I see nothing wrong with doing them once and a while…but there are people out there who are taking it way to far.

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