One section of what is turning into the big showdown in River Crossing Territory is coming to an end.  THis section has been an utter and complete nightmare.  Graphically, it looks great, but right now I am definitely pushing my machine to the absolute limit of what it can do.

My problem, as always, is I think to big.  I spread things out…I look at things so much from the “massive landscape viewpoint” that I keep filling things up with stuff that probably most people would never notice.  Of course, my problem is that I would notice if I left it out in the first place. 😉

Because of this though, Requiem has been averaging a development time of approximately 10-12 hours per strip over the last week.  Normally, it runs around 3-4 per strip.  For a comparison, Tunnelrunners took me about 45 minutes to put togetherthis morning, and that was with some custom texture work to make somebody look scruffy/dirty/muddy. 

And so it fucking goes….

Will be tossing some more stuff in the novels mixmaster tonight before I crash…I’ve had a lot of stuff to get done with comic wise and writing (book writing) ended up taking second place out of neccessity.  Cool night though, windows open….nothing noisy outside.  Perfect night to get back to thinking about the end of the world.

Oh…to answer a question that I have been asked a few times:  Requiem will be done someday an actual typewritten work.  This novel I’m plugging away at on the side right now is kind of the warm up to that.

I love Requiem and the story up in my head about it…but I am absolutely dreading trying to novelise that bitch.  After looking over my notes and what I already have jotted down here and there…we’ll be looking at something along the lines of the Nights Dawn Trilogy when it comes to size.  That kinda makes me jumpy.


~ by maximkovalenko on June 10, 2006.

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